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Send messages to thousands, millions of people in a single click with our Bulk SMS Services platform

Give your business boost by using our Promotional SMS Services.

For Instance:

Bulk SMS for Schools/Colleges: You have a school, and you want to promote your school in the local area. In this case, you can send SMS on the mobile numbers of people residing in your locality, and the SMS campaign can be sent on multiple numbers in a matter of seconds, either it's thousands or lacs of numbers.

Bulk SMS for Businesses: Imagine you have a shop, cafe, tourism business, grocery, clothing store or any other product or service, based business. You can send SMS to your customers to promote your product or service.

We provide genuine promotional SMS services by submitting all your messages to the operator. Messages are sent to non-DND numbers and opt-in DND numbers through Website, API and SMPP between 9 am and 9 pm only.


Many companies in the industry are making fool of customers by providing the only demo and when they receive the payment, companies change the number, no address given on the website. Make sure you buy services from a company registered by the government, who has PAN, GST and other important documents.


Send messages to many people in a single click with the help of our Bulk SMS service platform

As per TRAI protocols, Promotional messages can be delivered on Non-DND numbers and on Opt-In numbers only.

Latest Updates on TRAI Protocols


Below is the latest news on such rules.